Tuesday, July 20, 2010

finally reunited with college mates since our departure.went to mid valley and ended up watching movie-triple tap. I would probably say this is the movie you should buy from pirated DVD stores..After that, we went MPH and bought the book The lost symbol. I bought it for Rm70 which originally priced 100 ringgit..A good purchase indeed..haha

Then,shurraj says he need to go home and left three of us at midv. After going through alot of option, we chose Hiagen Daaz and we self proclaimed as the big eaters.So we chose the chocolate fondue..hehe a mouth watering desert indeed

After we indulged ourself in our desert. we bumped into a guy wearing gladiator-the shoes that we commonly seen in every female feet are now on this guy's feet..We are so dated weii..after several attempts to capture a clear images of this guy wearing gladatior..you know me(a FAILED photographer) didn't accomplished his mission.So we send the semi pro photographer-Esther but she also failed to captured a clear image. So we gave up..haha.good outing indeed with alot of laughter..

Amanda- pity her that she cant make it cause she is now currently employed as unpaid driver..

okay I googled the image and the is the closest match I found that resembles the guy's gladiator sandal..haha

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