Thursday, July 1, 2010

The world is now overthrown by so called vampire

So vampire is the new thing around the town.
Back in 2008, Twilight hit the cinema and Its like the love spell that has been casted to the audience.They were fascinated by the most perfect looking vampire ever Edward Cullen.

I bet every teens out there is drooling over him.ohh what happened to Harry Potter.*he turned out to be the most normal looking guy ever*..I understand..haha

A year after that,we have Jacob black-THE WEREWOLF, the most loyal companion of the vampire.After this we have team Edward or team Jacob.The vampire fever not only infected the teens but also auntie!!!.I ran into seeing my sis discussed bout edward cullen with a malay auntie in her thirties.

All I can say is vampire is now being exploit by the producer cause its proven whenever there something about vampire.It must be a HIT. so we have the vampire diaries and true blood.

twilight+sex-romantic=True blood

True blood is the new sensation.I was impressed by this series when I started watching the first few episodes.This series is intended for more matured audience.This series shows us the real side of vampire blends with some "interesting" scenes.

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