Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I used to drive to college and I would listen to HITZ.FM every morning cause this is what Malaysian do when they drive,

Every morning we will have the opportunity to catch Richard Reid and would tell us the most scandalous gossip news ever flew from the Hollywood-the land of USA.

JJ and Ian always end their conversation with Richard LIKE...

JJ and Ian say " you are the MAN"

and Richard would kindly replied them "Both of you are SUPERSTAR".

I'm getting sick listening to them repeating those lines over and over again.

I would suggest they can change their lines occasionally LIKE...

JJ and Ian say, "You are the BITCH"

Richard says. " then both of you are my LITTLE BITCH"

This is so much better than the whole man and superstar stupid convo..

BTW..this is just what I thought..no offense k..haha

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