Thursday, July 1, 2010

The greatest daily routine of mine after A2

tortured and worn out by the most notorious "villain" that I would kindly addressed as A2.I'm back to the old me.I come to a point that my life after the long battle with A2 can only described in one word-BORING!!!

Let me list out my daily routine

-wake up around 8am or 9am
-grab something to eat so I won't starved to death
-stick my butt to the chair and "face the boom as as long as I can"

-continue facing the book or hang out with friends at OU/midv/pavillion
-watch as much movie as I can

-continue facing the book or still hanging out with my friends
-watch movie

In conclusion.My life is so sad that it only revolves around food, movies and FACE_THE_BOOK.okay..someone just save me out of this boredom.

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