Sunday, July 11, 2010

Twilight Saga-Eclipse

The most anticipated vampire themed movie this year. Twilight Saga-Eclipse.
A romantically themed movie is expected to be full of words and probably have some prospective actions. The third installment once again revolved around the three main character- Edward, Jack and Bella. I would say it is wayyy BETTER than the first one but we realized Bella gain some weight and Jack'abs failed to WOW_ed me like it used to be.

If you read the book(BORING), this book continues on Victoria who wants Bella dead and she came up with a plan that would probably end the Cullen's clan. There are some hits and misses but overall it's still watchable.

One constructive advice for Bella and Edward
Wouldn't they just shut up and fuck already.

The best quote
Jack to Edward
"I'm hotter than you"

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