Wednesday, September 22, 2010


What a lovely place to


I'm not exaggerating or making some false accusation regarding to my second home-UNMC(University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus).

PLAGIARISM-This is what I learned today and I'm practicing already by stealing my friends idea on listing down UNMC's goods and bads.

-I would most probably ended studying cause I have no place to go.
-There's a gymnasium and swimming pool!!and some court for BB, badminton and squash.
-I've been granny-fied cause I READ book before I went to sleep!!!
-eco-friendly campus

-the so called free internet is so fuccking horribly slow that I can't even load youtube videos.
-My room is so messed up cause it seems to be the hit spot for lizards to come over here and unburdening their bowels.
-hate that fucking chair facing my bed
-we have tooo many username and password

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