Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This was not my plan anyways to watch devil. Me being the best cousins ever wanted to bring my cousins to watch the stupidest movie ever-Cats and Dogs-the revenge of the kitty galore but they only told me they watched the movie when we arrived.So we chose the closest alternative-DEVIL which is rated as PG-13.

I'm surprised that M. Night Shyamalan creates this fine works after the movie "the last airbender" that disappoints everyone. I knew it would be stupid seeing ang moh's flaunting their martial art skills but I gave it shot anyways..

On the contrary,DEVIL came out as a very well executed movie from the greatest M. Night Shyamalan since "sixth sense". The movie taught me a lessons that peoples that been doing bad deeds will be served even though they escaped the punishment that they deserved. Devil will be haunting them and bring them back to hell. I guess!?!?!

A pleasant movie for mild horror movie goers.

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