Saturday, July 4, 2009

I want to be spontaneous!!!!!!

just day dreaming again!!!!grab my backpack and flew to New York without any hesitation....(just dreaming k) I want to experience the hustling and bustling city of new york and the rudeness of NEw Yorkers boundaries and capable of doing anything I want.First.I want crash the barneys(i use the word crash..haha)...and use my credit card to buy all thise expensive greedy man...New York..Here I comeeee!!!!

If we have discover fortunate things without expected.
Its called serendipity.
if we have discover fortunate things with our knowledge and sweats.
Its called hardworking.
Are we lucky enough to be the person that wont face any obstacles in his or her's life.
On the other hand,we should be lucky to be that humans that been through lots of ups and downs instead
of trying to be the lucky person.
Harvard university had quoted,"if u dont walk today,u need to run tomorrow".
life is some sort of big circle.It goes on and on and resist to stop even though u try to.

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