Monday, December 20, 2010


I love UK series.

Seriously, I just don't known why. It may be their British slang that lured me or perhaps they don't produce clique dramas back in the states. You are being exposed to the reality. Humans are not godlike.

Fact 1
Us series always have near perfection characters. From Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip girl to Teddy from 90210.


Not that Kelly from Misfits is not pretty, just she's like us. Not like stars that glitter up in the sky where we possibly can't place our hands on it.

Fact 2

When you compare both US series and UK series, the most controversy issues that being brought up is the profanity that exhibit in UK series. On the contrary, US always show us the glamorous or good side of the states. Like walking down the street in the upper east side or saving ppl's life or whatsoever that hardly happened in this world.

I love how UK series show us the bad side of the human so that we can learn from mistakes and what they shown on TV is so liberating to me.

My current Obsession is Misfits

They are awesomer than Heroes!

owns supernatural power like orgasm-inducer( I made it up) when they have body contact

They have passwords like MONKEY SLUT.WTH right!! haha

and more awesome facts bout check it out now!

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