Wednesday, September 16, 2009

VOICE OUT!!!!!!!

I have had enough with the incompetence of Malaysia g*********!!!!I just watched the ugly truth and this movie had rated as "18PL" and during the movie..the F**ckin sh*tty g********* had filter the movie to be a PG13 movie.they really just spoiled the movie weiii!!!!They dirty words and some scene should be kept because because it is the core of the movie.*sigh*..*kudos*to Malaysia g********* that has been humiliating our5 country in public and the whole world.First they have dress code for the artist but wth!!!!we are not some close minded country and even Indonesia(another islamic country)had done nothing on beyonce's concert at Indonesia..whats the point rated 18 above for every movie when the movie just happened to be filtered for malaysian

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