Monday, August 10, 2009

My "salvation" for last weeks

hey.last week i watched four movies.Let me give u guys the review for those movies.
the first one-GI Joe

It was what I had expected action packed movie but its not comparable to this summer blockbuster-transformer even thought they topped the US box office last give it a try if u are the hardcore fans for hot chicks and tons of actions

Alien in the attic

One word.Hilarious.I watched the trailer fews times in the cinema and it didn't really make me wow or really make want to spend 10 bucks.i planned to download the movie when they have the DvDrip on the internet..then,my cousin said give it a we watched it and turned out it was better than i expected.They have well written script and really is the ultimate option for family.the cast is brilliant and it is a great choice for those who are emo-ing or desperately need to laugh.


This is probably the best hong kong i ever watched.This movie is perfect from director,cast,plot and even the poster look nice...i dont wanna talk the details because u should watch this movie and i dont want to spill it because u wont be surprise then

Last one dont even bother to share cause it suck big enjoy..hehe

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